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Boosting Health with Arlene:  Lifestyle Action!

Arlene Stottlemyer, President

The Vision of Boosting Health with Arlene is to inspire individuals and families to explore healthy choices and online shopping with a focus on having a positive impact on nutritional lifestyles and making a difference with future generations through a team effort that drives health and wealth.

CORE VALUES that drive Boosting Health with Arlene
    • Inspiration ~ Empowering individuals and families to explore healthy choices and online shopping options
    • Integrity ~ Listening actively to discover and understand wants and needs with a focus on offering value
    • Teaming ~ Building teams to achieve desired results and outcomes
    • Sustainability ~ Collaborating with strategic partners to grow the local and global economy

The Mission of Boosting Health with Arlene is to engage with individuals and families promote healthy lifestyles and create sustainable businesses through education, shopping, and collaboration.

COMPETITIVE EDGE ~ Boosting Health with Arlene Value ~ Lifestyle Action!

Individuals & Families
Promoting healthy lifestyles by communicating while grocery shopping, cooking, dining, and cleaning up together
Taking care of yourself and your family by playing and engaging in physical and social activities

Businesses & Organizations
Partnering with businesses to offer employees and customers healthy opportunities, resources, and tools
Maximizing productivity and sustainability by exploring healthy choices and shopping online

Leaders & Teams
Empowering individuals to pursue their passion based upon interests and needs
Maximizing team potential through leadership and education

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