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Date: 10/14/2017 3:01 PM EDT

SHOP.COM is always making improvements and enhancements to bring our customers the very best online shopping experience. SHOP.COM’s latest enhancement was adding a specific tab for Market America Exclusive Brands to be easily found. Instead of searching through thousands of products, customers and UnFranchise Owners can now click the Exclusive Brands tab and shop their favorite Market America products. Read on to learn more about this exciting new feature to SHOP.COM!

One of the most advantageous aspects of Market America’s business model is that it’s built around a product brokerage concept. The company doesn’t manufacture any one product or specialize in a single service, which allows Market America to swing with the marketplace and capitalize on current consumer demands. Unlike many niche companies that live or die by the success of one product, Market America’s Mall Without Walls® is able to offer a variety of products and brands across numerous multibillion-dollar markets. From health and nutrition to cosmetics, weight management to home and garden, Market America will always provide the most popular products.

With over 30 Market America exclusive brands, it’s important to make sure our products are heavily spotlighted on SHOP.COM. As an UnFranchise Owner, you earn BV for these products which is a crucial part of your business. SHOP.COM has created an Exclusive Brands tab right on the homepage to drive even more SHOP.COM traffic to our products.

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